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Powder Drinks
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Cocoa Powder Drinks

Cocoa Powder Drinks

1.(Sensory Index)(Color of mass) (no pigment granule)(Appearance):(Granule): (Loose, a small amount of powder, no lumps)(Powder):(Loose, no granule, no lumps)(Taste)(no abnormal flavor) (

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    1.(Sensory Index)

    (Color of  mass)           

    (no pigment granule)



     (Loose, a small amount of powder, no lumps)


    (Loose, no granule, no lumps)


    (no abnormal flavor)   

    (Impurity):(no impurity with naked eyes) 

    2.(Quality Index)

    (Moisture):   ≦5%                                   

    (Granule): ≦4%                                         

    (Powder):  ≦6%                                   

    (Fat Content):≧3%                                  

    (Granule Percentage): ≧70%                                        

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