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Clever use of cocoa milk

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

1, with the exception of fish-the fish before the fish dipped in milk for a moment, both in addition to rank, and can enhance flavors.

2, in frozen fish, frozen fish-soup, add some milk, making the fish taste more fresh.

3, with the exception of garlic-drink a glass of milk, remaining garlic in the mouth can be eliminated.

4, go to the wine trail-if you left a wine trail in the white shirt can boil milk to clean, you can stain.

5, trace-taste of fruits milk could remove the spent fruit traces on clothes, coated with milk at the trace, with clean water again in a few hours, you can wash.

6, to blot-clothes stained with ink on track, with clean water, then washed in milk, then wash with detergent, inter alia.

7, rust-clothes hang on a nail or stained a rust, it is difficult to wash out if first place with rust, soaked in boiling water, painted with sour milk, SOAP, wash clean.

8, remove eye swelling-got up in the morning the eyelids swell, mixed with milk and a bit of vinegar and water, then wipe with cotton balls dipped in repeatedly on the eyelids for 5 minutes, and then with a hot towel, quickly swelling.

9, make the hard shoe Polish shoe Polish soft-open long, will become stiff and further use, such as to add a few drops of fresh milk, shoe Polish will become soft, still with a new shoe Polish.

10, treating minor burns-the affected area apply some boiled milk, burn and scald burn can be quickly eliminated.

11, label-the label firmly on the glass, first place the labels for a dip in the milk.

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