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Cocoa powder lose weight match meal

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

COCOA MASS in the extrusion process, removing fat, the remaining solid material called the cocoa press cake, cake formation by grinding cocoa powder. Cocoa contains vitamin B2 and potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and other elements that can effectively promote muscle and reflex system of the body, and stimulates the blood circulation and weight loss effects.

, Cocoa powder + milk diet

Ingredients: cocoa powder + milk

Practice: spoon the cocoa powder to a glass of unsweetened soy milk, drink mix.

Eat: once in the morning and evening, eating 3-4 consecutive week effect.

Functions: detoxification, enhance fat burning. Soy milk containing large amounts of dietary fiber, itself with a little sweetness, will taste better.

Diet: 1, cocoa, soy milk can replace breakfast, no need to eat other foods. 2, dinner drink a cup of cocoa, soy milk, and then with a moisture, low sugar fruits.

B + guiling paste, cocoa powder weight loss

Ingredients: cocoa powder, plain tortoise jelly to a box.

Practice: guiling paste add the cocoa powder in a teaspoon, cut into instant.

Eat: early before dinner in a box, 2-3 week in a row, the effect is increasingly obvious.

Effect: diuretic, excluding long-term bowel accumulation of toxins, achieve the effect of easy thin waist.

Diet: 1, guiling paste can replace breakfast cocoa. 2, at 10 o'clock in the morning and four o'clock in the afternoon to eat good results. Three, cocoa powder + lianxin diet

Materials: Lotus, cocoa powder

Practice: 10 grams of Lotus add boiling water, after 10 minutes, add a spoonful of cocoa, stir well to drink.

Eat: early in a glass before dinner, eating more than 3 weeks in a row.

Effect: Lotus-fire, water, especially suitable for refractory and heat-type obesity's health.

Diet Note: 1, the use of this method to lose weight, eat per meal as usual 1/3. 2, pure cocoa powder.

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