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Cocoa wedding cake significance

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

The variety of cakes mixed together before, stamped with a layer of white frosting, became the modern wedding cake, according to the national or regional differences, some brides and grooms across the cakes at the wedding kiss.

New wedding cake represents

When you cut the cake, bride and groom must cut the first piece of cake with two people, not one, and don't let others do it; while the breadcrumb represents luck, single girl home with cake crumbs, placed under the pillow will be able to dream see your Prince charming is what.

New wedding cake represents

Cutting the wedding cake is a dramatic expression of male dominance rituals. First of all, the groom leads the bride to hand cut the first piece of cake, using it as a testament to the bride and groom to obey. Then, the bride to let the groom first bite of cake, symbolizing the bride shares her body. Then, as a revolt, the bride throws cake on her husband's face; however, the groom had to endure all of this, and that there is no shame. Finally, the bride on her husband's behalf to wipe cream on his face, said he resigned to her husband wise judgment. Today, most couples no longer go through this ritual, more is to cut the cake as a blessing for marriage.

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