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Identification of cocoa milk

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

Dairy products currently on the market can be divided into two kinds of liquid milk and milk powder, liquid milk include: sterile milk, school milk, UHT milk and yogurt and lactic acid beverage. Liquid milk, fresh milk. But as fresh milk, how can its not fresh, too?


Fresh milk is milky white or yellowish in color, and there is a touch of milk, no odor, no settling, no impurity, condensation-free and homogeneous fluid.

"Method two"

Drops into the water in the milk, fresh milk does not turn to open. If it is bottled milk, precipitation and other foreign objects by looking at the bottom, the upper part is there a thin, if any, are not fresh milk.


Bought it will pour some milk into a clean, transparent glass, and then slowly tilt, fresh milk will leave a thin layer of milk in the glass membrane, without hanging Cup is easy to rinse off. But if the milk film is uneven, and difficult to clean, then the milk is not fresh.


Get some milk in a glass, put it in boiling water 5 minutes of silence, if the milk is not fresh or has changed, floccules or condensation.

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