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Proper use of cocoa milk

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

Drinking more milk nutritional intake of the right, not to nutrient loss.

1, ate some snacks

Advanced food starch such as muffins, cookies can also delay the time of milk in the stomach, digestive enzymes and gastric juice enzymolysis and slowly released into the gut, intestinal absorption and utilization.

2, heated milk

Heat milk to drink, active stomach more than cold milk, good absorption to the end.

3, to avoid overheating

70-degree heat in three minutes, disinfection and nutrient balance, boil the milk contains carcinogenic caramel, calcium phosphate precipitation can also occur.

4, mix honey

Milk and honey is a very good match, have a role in treating anemia and relieve Dysmenorrhea.

5, drinking milk

Drinking milk before going to bed, sleep is your body to deliver nutrients to bones of the golden age, so drink milk before going to bed is the best calcium channels.

6, sipping milk

SIP of milk, milk full contact with the digestive enzymes in saliva, milk can stay longer in the digestive tract help nutrient absorption.

7, before and after treatment do not drink milk

Drinking milk before and after taking the medicine, will affect the absorption of milk, milk will also react and drug ingredients harmful substances in the body.

8, do not mix juice

Fruit juices, fruit mixed drink milk, juice and fruit acid and cow cheese protein binding occurs condensation precipitation, it is difficult to digest.

9, not containing added sugar

Boil milk, sugar, milk, fructose-lysine on the heating conditions and the reaction to generate toxic fructose-lysine base.

10, spinach and baby milk do not take

Drink milk after eating spinach, milk is rich in protein and calcium, spinach contains oxalic acid, both with the food would form insoluble calcium oxalate, which greatly affect the absorption of calcium.

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