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The value of cocoa cake

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

United States a cake designer says: for me most of the cost is labor, make a cake for 150 people, meeting new people, baking cakes, engraving to assemble and decorate cake I need 25-40 hours.

Realistic egg when you start to see cake photos, realistic as possible, it may be beyond your economic strength. Sometimes the couple want to make a cake as they have seen in a magazine, but they don't know that 100 Yuan a piece. At 25 Yuan price making the same cake, it's not gonna happen. Published in the magazine must find out if the cake, is a brand of cake.

Sugar prices next to talk about icing it as good as a cake, is a general term for nouns. Handmade dough is much more expensive than butter cream icing. Mainly because it contains a lot of labor. Dough icing is very special, because it is a labour-intensive products.

Cream on cream does not mean low quality. You can transform a variety of different styles with cream, and easy. Cream cake shape to achieve a smooth effect.

Other decorating cakes covered with chocolate--this is a major feature. Some more expensive than butter, rubber adhesive additives or spices, flowers, often handmade. These also increase the price of cake and sugar rose orchid is cheaper than sugar. Spend more strange, price goes up. How to save costs? use less sugar flowers, and replaced with fresh flowers. Cake style can affect a cake the best method is to use flowers, flowers can change the mood embodied in the cake, flowers can make cake gives a new and cheap way to charm.

Reduce expenses obviously, size will affect the price of the cake but cake designers made several recommendations. Baker will sometimes use a small piece of cake to make a smaller cake, or fill with ice cream and berries as if is simple for new Diners or small table, recommended the use of a smaller cake, can also be used on large wedding cake base. Small cakes so that people can buy for their cake, but a bit small. If you buy a three-tier cake for 100 people, plus four of the ten inch cake, you can only spend 1000 Yuan to meet the needs of an additional 100 people, or you need spend more than more than 3,000 yuan.

Reduce costs couples lower costs than to realize if your reception venue has a Baker, but you have to go to one, you may be required to pay the cost, please note that this is a problem in your reservation and save costs under can be used on wedding cakes cost.

Simple and clean style with all the experts agree that the cake simple and elegant is the principle. Newcomers need to clearly outline the cake, soft and elegant appearance, not studded with pearls and flowers.

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