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Analysis Of Planting Environment Of Cocoa Bean

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Typical tropical crops, hi-temperature, high humidity, static wind and shaded environment, require annual rainfall 1500-2000mm, for the shade plants, shade degree of about 75%, saplings 50%, age-old tree 30%. Resistance to wind is poor. Soil rich in deep organic matter, drainage good, ph value of 6-7.Cocoa Bean 

In general, seeds are propagated from fully ripe fruits, and the pulp is wiped with sawdust or fine sand, which is sown in a plastic bag or seedbed, shaded and often kept moist to prevent ants from harming.Cocoa Bean

Also can be propagated by cutting method, select leaves have turned green just mature top tips for cuttings, long 20cm around, leaving the top 3-4 leaves, each leaf cut 1/2, inserted in the sand bed, often keep moist and 85% shade. After about 2 months hair roots, then moved into plastic bags, continue to grow into seedlings. Height 50-60cm can be planted, planting distance 3x4m, row intercropping shade trees.Cocoa Bean

The main ripe fruit period is 4-5 months, and the next 1 months in December, according to different types of fruit mature, timely harvesting fruit. Use a knife to cut the fruit handle, do not hurt and fruit pillow, so as not to affect the fruit pillow to continue to blossom. Break open the fruit to remove the seeds, after fermentation to wash the flesh, dried into commercial cocoa beans.Cocoa Bean

A powdered beverage made from the seed of cacao tree. Cocoa powder in hot water is not easy to disperse, easy to precipitate, can first with a small amount of hot water stir, so that powder bentonite, add sugar, dairy products, such as heating into a cocoa drink. In order to improve the solubility of cocoa powder, surfactant can be added properly, or the coalescence process is used to dissolve it rapidly. Cocoa and tea, coffee is the same as containing alkaloid beverages, its characteristics are more fat, high calorific value, the nervous system, kidney, heart and other benefits.Cocoa Bean

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