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Cocoa Butter Analytical Ingredients And Living Environment

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Sep 08, 2017

     A powdered beverage made from the seed of cacao tree. Cocoa powder in hot water is not easy to disperse, easy to precipitate, can first with a small amount of hot water stir, so that powder bentonite, add sugar, dairy products, such as heating into a cocoa drink. In order to improve the solubility of cocoa powder, surfactant can be added properly, or the coalescence process is used to dissolve it rapidly. Cocoa and tea, coffee is the same as containing alkaloid beverages, its characteristics are more fat, high calorific value, the nervous system, kidney, heart and other benefits.Cocoa Butter
    Cocoa powder for the brown red, with special flavor cocoa, moisture content of less than 5%, fineness of 99.5% through 200 mesh screen. Cocoa powder In addition to containing fat, protein and carbohydrate and other nutrients, but still contains cocoa, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B, nick acid, phosphorus, iron, calcium and so on. Cocoa alkali on the human body has a mild stimulation, excitement. According to the fat content, cocoa powder is divided into high fat cocoa powder (fat content about 22~24%), Medium fat cocoa powder (fat content about 10~22%) and low fat cocoa powder (fat content 10% below) 3 kinds. High-fat cocoa powder can also be called breakfast cocoa. In addition, there is a lower fat content (0.1~0.5%) of skim cocoa powder. Adding sugar to cocoa powder is called sugar-containing cocoa powder.Cocoa Butter
   Cocoa originated in Central and South America, the end of 15th century by Columbus into Europe, was originally used as a medicament, and then as a cure for fatigue and chocolate drinks. 16, 17th century gradually popularized. 19th century Dutchman C. J. Van Hao Teng developed a method of extracting fat from cocoa beans, making cocoa powder and widely used as a beverage in the world. Raw materials: Cacao trees are evergreen trees, growing in the equatorial line on both sides of the South latitude 20 degrees in warm and rainy areas. It takes several years for the cacao seedlings to blossom from cultivation to fruition, and the fruiting period can be a century long.Cocoa Butter
   The seed of the cacao tree is the fresh cocoa beans, which are surrounded by the solid shell of the cocoa fruit, its water content is about crops, with obvious bitter taste. After fermentation and drying treatment, cocoa beans have industrial production value. After the completion of fermentation of cocoa beans have many changes, the shell skin from yellow to pale brown or brown, bean meat from the original light purple, gray blue into a light brown and dark brown, tissue becomes soft, bitter taste weakened, the unique aroma of cocoa appear.Cocoa Butter

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