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Cocoa Cake Related Practices

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Sep 08, 2017

    Cake: butter or salt-free 50 grams, powdered sugar 125 grams, cake oil 3 grams (no place to put), salt 2 grams, baking soda 3 grams, cocoa powder 15 grams, whole eggs 1, milk 75 grams, vanilla flavor several drops, flour 100 grams. Filling/decorating: canned black cherry Half jar (1 cans is 850 grams), millet powder 20 grams, sugar 15 grams, mounted flower cream.Cocoa Cake
     Practice: Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius. The butter is placed in a large bowl and the grease is softened with a blender. Add cake oil and mix thoroughly. Add the sifted icing sugar and mix slowly. Add salt and mix evenly. Then add eggs. Sift together cocoa powder and baking soda, slowly add to 2, mix slowly with slow speed. Then medium speed/quick mix to loose hair. Sift flour, alternating with milk to 4, and mix slowly. This step mixing time should not be too long, mix evenly. After the shutdown, mix evenly. The batter is loaded into the round cake mould, the surface is wiped, and the vibration is baked in the oven for 30 minutes. After baking for a while and then demoulding, demoulding with a knife along the mold wall in a uniform circle, remove the cake.Cocoa Cake
     Black Cherry Processing: The half a jar of black cherry, 150 grams of juice, millet powder and sugar in the clean (oil-free) small pot, heat heating, side heating half stirring until the juice thickens. From the fire, thoroughly cool. The cake is completely cooled and sliced into two slices, with cream in the middle, and cream around. Sprinkle 7 on the surface and squeeze the flowers around.Cocoa Cake
    The cake with high moisture content and soft texture is made of flour and high proportion of eggs and sugar. The variety of raw materials and their proportions, the difference in appearance shape, the variety of filling core flowers, so that the variety of the color of the cake. Cake according to its use of raw materials, blending methods and paste properties generally can be divided into three categories. Batter cake: The amount of grease in the formula is up to about 60% of the flour, used to lubricate the batter, to produce a soft tissue, and to help batter mix a lot of air in the mixing process to produce a swelling effect. Ordinary cream cakes and pudding cakes belong to this category. Cocoa Cake
    Milk Foam Cake: The formula is characterized by the main raw materials for eggs without any solid grease. Using strong and denatured proteins in the egg solution, the cake is swollen during mixing and baking. According to the eggs used can be divided into single protein protein (such as Angel Cake) and the use of whole-egg sponge (such as sponge cake). Chiffon-type cake: With mixed batter and milk foam two kinds of batter, change the organization of the cream-like cake.Cocoa Cake

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