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Composition Analysis Of Cocoa Butter

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Sep 19, 2017

      The lauric acid generation of cocoa butter contains high composition of solid lipid, often can give chocolate products the appropriate hardness, brittleness and detachable. It has good solubility and can prevent frost. The use of lauric acid cocoa butter made of chocolate products, because lauric acid crystallization is very stable, the finished product in a moderate cooling can be formed, no need to adjust the crystal procedures, making candy manufacturers easy to operate, at the same time production costs are therefore lower.Cocoa Butter

     During the month, the cocoa butter is used to make chocolate chips or chocolate coating. Its natural cocoa butter content should not exceed the total fat content of 5%, so the use of cocoa powder content must be low (10% 11 2%) to avoid the production of cocoa butter and the occurrence of frost phenomenon. Using lauric acid for cocoa butter to make chocolate must pay great attention to the manufacturing process and environmental hygiene, because the lauric acid generation cocoa butter is very easy to hydrolyze, the result will be due to the decomposition of fat, saponification and make the chocolate product bad taste of soap.Cocoa Butter

     Cocoa butter is the lauric acid series of oil by selective hydrogenation, and then respectively, which is close to the physical properties of natural cocoa butter, such as hardening palm kernel oil, this kind of grease in the triglyceride fatty acid mainly lauric acid, content can reach 45-99%, unsaturated fat content is low. It is characterized by a relatively short carbon chain fatty acid glycerol composition, a high degree of saturation, the iodine value of about 2-6, saponification value of 240-250. The advantages and disadvantages of lauric acid type hard grease are as follows:Cocoa Butter

    Advantages: Under 20 degrees, with good hardness, brittleness and shrinkage, and a good coating and texture! In the production of chocolate without temperature, simplifying the production process, in the processing process, crystallization fast, in the cooling device, stay time is short.Cocoa Butter

    Disadvantage: Due to the role of lipase in the decomposition of fat to produce a pungent flavor of the product; cocoa butter deformation temperature than natural cocoa butter, chocolate at high temperature is easy to deform, and natural cocoa butter is poor, if the natural cocoa fat infiltration will cause chocolate hardness reduced, the product is easy to frost, taste light, a wider melting point , made of chocolate with wax-like feel!Cocoa Butter

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