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Growth Habit Of Cocoa Bean

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

    Cocoa beans (Word tone: Kekedou) also known as "Cocoa Son", the fruit of the evergreen trees of the sycamore tree, the flat seeds of the long oval nuts, the oily 53, the unique aroma and melting properties of the squeezed cocoa butter, the introduction of such trees in China in 1922 may be welcomed by the gentle slopes formed by warm and moist and rich organic alluvial soils, which are unsuitable for growth in poor drainage and heavy clay or where typhoons are often affected.Cocoa Bean
    Cocoa beans (raw beans) containing water 5.58%, fat 50.29%, nitrogen-containing substances 14.19%, cocoa alkali 1.55%, other nitrogen-free substances 13.91%, starch 8.77%, crude fiber 4.93%, its ash contains phosphoric acid 40.4%, potassium 31.28%, magnesium oxide 16.22%. Cocoa beans also contain caffeine and other nerve center excitatory substances and tannins, tannins and chocolate color, incense, taste has a great relationship. Cocoa butter melting close to human body temperature, with the characteristics of the entrance, to maintain a certain degree of hardness at room temperature, and has a unique cocoa fragrance, high nutritional value, not easy to oxidize, is the main raw material for making chocolate. Cocoa cake can be made into cocoa powder, cocoa rich in carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamin B.Cocoa Bean
    Growth habit: The origin of cocoa beans is mainly distributed in the equatorial south, latitude about 20 degrees north of the block. Because of the hot climate, rainy environment, is the most suitable for the growth of cocoa beans. Cocoa beans have different flavors all over the place, some will bring some fruit incense, and some are smoked flavor. Today, the main origin of cocoa beans are central and South America, West Africa and Southeast Asia and other three places. Cocoa beans are the product of cocoa trees, with cocoa beans can be ground to eat cocoa powder. 1922 began in Taiwan, China, Jiayi, Kaohsiung and other places introduced species. Mainland China is now the main plantation in Hainan. The cacao tree, which is born on a gentle slope formed by a hot, moist atmosphere and rich organic alluvial soil, is unsuitable for growth in poor drainage and heavy clay or in places often affected by typhoons. In this way, its planting is suitable for the equatorial north and South 20 latitude between the land. Assuming fertile soil conditions and careful farming, cocoa trees can grow in sufficient sunlight once they survive. Cocoa plantations (artificially planted cacao trees) are usually located in valleys or coastal plains and must have evenly distributed rainfall and fertile, drained land.Cocoa Bean

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