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How The Cocoa Beans Are Transformed Into Chocolate

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

    We all know that the raw material of chocolate is cocoa beans, mainly produced in the United States and Central and South American countries. So how does the cocoa be turned into chocolate?Cocoa Bean

    The raw material of the chocolate is actually the fruit of the cocoa tree. The cocoa tree grows in the tropical region near 10 degrees north latitude to 10 degrees south latitude. Harvest fruit, will use a long stick. One end of the stick is fixed with a blade, used to cut fruit. Cut the fruit, which is cocoa beans. Just harvested beans is a sweet fruit flavor. In order to make the beans issued chocolate unique bitterness, to remove the cocoa beans wrapped in banana leaves or into the wooden box, fermentation 5 to 7 days. After the beans are fermented, they will be dried on the sun for 4 days. And in order to ensure complete drying, you must give beans every two hours to turn a body. And then put the beans into the pot and bake. In this process, the scent of chocolate will be further evaporated. After baking, peel off the cocoa beans skin, the main raw material of chocolate cocoa tablets is completed.Cocoa Bean

    Next is the production of chocolate into the sweet sugar. In order to highlight the original bitter taste of cocoa, sweet sugar is indispensable. The sugar cane stems cut into the appropriate size ... ... into the pot filled with water, cook the stem liquid. Boiled, cooked sugar cane juice are in the clarification layer. Just remove the clarified layer, continue to cook until the soup boiled all black. After the soup cools it will form a brown block of crystals. Cut the dried soup on the vessel and place the crystal block in the blender. After crushing, the white sugar is ready. Next, the cocoa particles are put into an oil press and ground to form a cocoa block. Dripping from the machine is the cocoa granules contained in the fat component - cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is very viscous, showing a honey-like deep yellow. Mix cocoa blocks, cocoa butter, and sugar for at least 8 hours to make them fully fused. Into a creamy liquid, spread out on the table, the thermostat. This process will make the chocolate both solid crisp chewy and melt after the silky taste. Finally, the liquid chocolate into the mold, cooling, fixed, complete. Plate-like chocolate is ready.Cocoa Bean

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