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How To Do Cocoa Cake

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

  Separation of egg yolk, protein, pay attention to the protein container to be clean and free of oil, and the size of easy to send protein. Egg yolk plus 10 grams of sugar to stir the sugar to melt - add 40 grams of vegetable oil mixing evenly (emulsification process by small to do Qi wind method) recommended with wire density, fine egg pumping, stirring fast, easy to emulsify

  20 grams of cocoa powder with 70 grams of warm water to adjust to no granules, willing to sieve better. Cocoa paste into egg yolk paste and mix thoroughly. Sieve into the low-gluten flour, with irregular techniques (Z-shaped zigzag) stir even as shown in the state, do not stir too much lead to tendons. 180 degree preheat oven, ready to baking pan (pad oil paper or high temperature tarpaulin).Cocoa Cake

  Protein added a few drops of lemon juice, according to Chiffon cake to play the protein way to kill the protein, stop the whisk, stir with the egg ear up the whisk, beat the egg on the state of the egg (Figure) Protein cream delicate and shiny; of which 40 grams of fine sugar in three times to join: hit the protein bubble fish eye state to join the first 1/3, the protein appears fine lines when adding the second 1/3, the protein can pull out the corner Add the last 1/3 (personally feel how to add not too precise, the appropriate step can be divided).

   Three times as soon as possible to turn the protein cream into the egg yolk paste, do not play circle, stirring method suggested that you carefully look at the Internet to learn video, because the cake is correct for the success of the mix is very important.Cocoa Cake

   Stir the cake paste from 15cm high into the 28 * 28 cm square plate (already in advance pad good oil paper or high temperature tarpaulins), with a scraper smoothing (cake roll paste will not be very thick, basically shock level); tarpaulin or oil paper Two slightly out of the baking pan, easy to bake cake body mold.Cocoa Cake

   The shock mold makes the cake paste flat and shocks the bubble, usually 3 can. Oven middle, 180 degrees (measured), 18 minutes or so. Recommended about 13 minutes or so for the direction of the baking tray, easy to color uniform, cake cooked evenly. Baked stove, tilted baking pan, pinching oil paper gently out of the cake body to dry network.

   When the cake body warms down the cake body gently tear off the oil paper, and then the cake body with the oil paper rolled up stereotypes (about half an hour). We do positive roll, and do reverse roll (towel roll). Is the curled cake body positive old point, touch feel strong, or easy to sticky skin.Cocoa Cake

    Cake rolls can be prepared during the creaming process. 150 grams of light cream and sugar and cocoa powder stir for a while and then use the whisk to send light cream to Biaohua state (do not stir directly hit, cocoa powder will splash).

Gently open the cake roll, wipe the cream, re-roll up the cold stereotypes can be

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