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How To Make Cocoa Cake?

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: May 16, 2017

How to make cocoa cake?

Cocoa Cake Pure Cocoa Cake Material:

Cocoa Cake Black chocolate 80G, butter 30G, sweet butter 35ML, granulated sugar 40G, cocoa powder 50G, egg 2, Blueberry meat jam 20G (no Save), vanilla powder Little, salt little, a little bit, white vinegar powder,

1. Cocoa Cake Butter mixed chocolate water heating dissolved, egg yolk egg whites separated, egg yolk into the chocolate stir evenly, after the mixing of the cream stir evenly, and add to the blueberry pulp,

2. Cocoa Cake Cocoa powder mixed with vanilla powder, salt, bubble beat mixing evenly stir in the chocolate after adding a quick stir evenly,

3. Cocoa Cake Egg whites Add a few drops of white vinegar to play 30 seconds after 2-3 times to add granulated sugar to hard foam, 2-3 times pour into chocolate paste quickly and gently stir evenly

4. Cocoa Cake Oven 180-degree Preheat 10 min cake Model Paving oil paper into the cake paste after shaking model touch flat surface can

5. Cocoa Cake Oven 180-degree middle roast 25-30 minutes

6. Cocoa Cake Remove the cocoa cake and chill it

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