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Introduction To The Identification Method Of Cocoa Powder

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Natural cocoa odor is the natural flavor of cocoa, is a faint fragrance. For Luzhou-flavour or caramel-flavored cocoa powder is poor quality powder. The smell of alkaline cocoa should be normal cocoa fragrance, its aroma than natural cocoa powder to be thicker, but not the smell of coke.Cocoa Powder 

If the aroma of alkaline cocoa powder is too strong or have smell is poor quality powder. Cocoa black powder Its odor and alkaline cocoa powder almost, because the black powder is alkaline cocoa powder in the heavy alkali, it is easy to have coke taste, no coke taste for the top grade, there are smell is worse.Cocoa Powder

The fat content of cocoa powder is distinguished. Take a little bit of cocoa powder in the palm, hands to rub, high fat content will have a significant greasy feeling, and the lower fat content will not be obvious. More than 10% of the fat content is tested with this method. The amount of lipid content under 8% is basically not feeling greasy.Cocoa Powder

Cocoa fineness for the production of chocolate is very important, the fineness of the cocoa powder produced by the poor taste of chocolate, there will be a rough feeling. For the fineness of the general is to take a small amount of cocoa powder on the white paper, gently fold and wipe with the hand.Cocoa Powder 

Fineness in more than 99 of the powder will be evenly distributed on paper, while the fineness of less than 99 will have a sense of difference, uneven distribution. There is also a way to better confirm the fineness of cocoa, that is to take some cocoa powder with boiling water after the wash, and other water cool will have some cocoa powder deposited to the bottom of the cup.Cocoa Powder 

At this time the above water is poured out, take out the following precipitation put on the paper, gently wipe with the hand. Water dry, fineness in more than 99 of the powder is not caking, distribution uniformity, and the fineness of less than 99 will have granular, distribution is not too uniform.Cocoa Powder

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