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Low Fat Cocoa Powder

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

Cocoa powder chocolate charm. Researchers have found that chocolate rich in cocoa can reduce the effects of high cholesterol on the arteries. They are low-fat cocoa extracts, instead of the usual high fat chocolate or hot chocolate.

Dr.TissaKappagoda the University of California at the recent 2000 biological experiments announced the discovery at a meeting. He and his colleagues in the study found cocoa extract contains a biologically active substances, which can protect the arteries of rabbits from the effects of cholesterol. Dr.Kappagoda explained that the extract of the cocoa powder is the source of flavonoid antioxidants, it can stop cholesterol cause artery disease of chemical processes. Can be found in vegetables, fruits and tea compounds of this type.

In order to prove this, they made a series of experiments to test the cocoa extract effect on rabbit aorta. Normal aortic diastolic enough capacity to ensure normal blood flow and blood pressure. Cholesterol on artery damage limits that diastolic function, leading to high blood pressure.

The experiment, they get high cholesterol low cholesterol diet and feeding two groups of rabbits, their main artery in direct contact with the cocoa extract, two groups found the aortic diastolic. This reaction with fruit, vegetables and tea extract substances of a similar reaction is the same.

Dr.Kappagoda stressed that low-fat cocoa extract and chocolate pieces, and there is a big difference between hot chocolate. He pointed out that during the process of chocolate production, most of these substances are being cleared, and shops selling chocolate, 40%-45% of its calories from fat.

As a cardiologist, Dr.Kappagoda does not agree to eat more chocolate. People generally tend to eat low-fat foods, especially people who have heart disease. But chocolate lovers don't have to worry about, some noted the findings of the company began to produce low-fat chocolate, these chocolates in taste and appearance are acceptable.

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