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Physical And Chemical Index Of Cocoa Butter

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2017

             Color: After melting the color is bright lemon yellow to pale gold. Transparency: clarity transparent to micro-turbidity, no turbidity. Odor: With normal cocoa odor, non-musty, smell, rancid or other peculiar odor. Physical and chemical Index color price (GK2CR2O7/100MLH2SO4) ≤ 0.15. Refractive index (N40/D) 1.4560 ~ 1.4590. Moisture and volatiles%≤0.20. Free fatty acids (in oleic acid)%≤1.75. Iodine (gi/ 100g) 33~42. Saponification Price (mgkoh/g) 188~198. Non-saponification% 0.35. Extinction value (e1cm/270nm) ≤ 0.14. Melting point (sliding) $number. Health indicators-arsenic (in As) mg/㎏≤0.1. China stipulates that the content of cocoa butter in dark chocolate should not be less than 18%. Generally well-known brands of black chocolate, cocoa butter content will not be less than 20%.Cocoa Butter

              Cocoa butter In addition to a strong and beautiful unique fragrance, in 15 ℃ below, but also has a fairly solid and brittle crack characteristics. Cocoa butter is quickly melted in the mouth and does not feel greasy at all, and it is not like other general vegetable oils that are prone to spoilage. Cocoa butter is the ideal of chocolate, special oil, almost all the advantages of all kinds of vegetable oils and fats, so far has not found comparable with other oil. Cocoa butter has alpha, gamma, beta, and beta crystals, melting points of 17, 23, 26, and 35–37°c. Making chocolate usually only uses beta crystals with the highest melting point, while a single knot structure makes the texture slippery.Cocoa Butter

             Cocoa butter is known to be the most stable edible oil, containing natural antioxidants that can prevent spoilage, allowing it to be stored for 2-5 of years so that it can be used outside of food.Cocoa Butter

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