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Planting Background Of Cocoa Bean

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

The cacao tree is as colourful as its history. The cacao tree is a evergreen tree with a large glossy leaf that is red when it is young, and becomes green after maturity. On the bark of the trunk there is usually a sticking moss and colorful lichen. In some areas, there are beautiful little orchids on the cocoa branches. The cacao trees grow tens of thousands of white or white five-petal flowers, surrounded by trunks and old branches. But only 3% to 10% of the flowers continue to ripen and grow full fruit.Cocoa Bean

The fruits of chocolate and cocoa are eventually transformed into countries around the world, with green and sometimes chestnut pods on the trunk and primary branches. Its shape is a bit like a elongated melon, with sharp ends. These pods ripen into golden yellow and sometimes become dark red and have many dots of color.Cocoa Bean

But the product of the cacao tree. The cacao tree is a tropical plant that grows only in hot climates. In this way, its cultivation is confined to the 20 latitudes of the equator North and south. Assuming fertile soil conditions and careful farming, cocoa trees can grow in sufficient sunlight once they survive. Cocoa plantations (artificially planted cacao trees) are usually located in valleys or coastal plains and must have evenly distributed rainfall and fertile, drained land.Cocoa Bean

The life expectancy of the cacao tree is still in the speculation. It is known that several trees are more than 200 years old, but no one can determine the true lifespan of the tree. 25 years later, the economic role of a cacao tree could be considered an end, and it was appropriate to replant young cacao trees instead.Cocoa Bean

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