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Select Cocoa Chocolate Reason

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

Reason 1: romance (Romance)

Love chocolate and love are melting hearts.

In the hearts of lovers of love, chocolate is called "Moka" roses match and it is the most precious Valentine gifts. Chocolate sweet sweet love like ripples in people's minds, it has a child-like innocence and sweet, soft enchanting like a woman, or man-like thick deep. As long as you've had a taste, and taste that will linger in your mind for a long time, he, she, it, or chocolate.

Reason 2: the youth (Youth)

Wonderful happy youth, has a beautiful face, beautiful heart and a beautiful story.

Remember with friends when we meet the irrepressible mood? Just like the M&M's of colorful chocolate beans happy pleasure. These colorful little elves, all the colors of their inherent nature, shared joy is that they ought to be. In them, there is laughter. Their mood will be as bright as the Rainbow in the sky. They have beat like a youth of color, they are flying, they are fearless self-confidence and courage, they are full of enthusiasm for release at any time. You can't help but be attracted to them, and infected their color, sharing their joy ...

Reason 3: health (Health)

Scientific and rational eating chocolate will bring joy to our lives and happiness. [8]

Chocolate is good for heart health. The polyphenols in chocolate is widely found in cocoa beans, tea, soy, wine, vegetables and fruits. Components is polyphenol gives chocolate its unique charm. Compared with other foods, particularly high content of polyphenols in cacao beans. Studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory effect of polyphenols is similar to aspirin, at certain concentrations can reduce Platelet Activation, transfer free radicals in the blood vessel wall deposition, which has the function of preventing cardiovascular disease.

Chocolate strengthens the immune system. Major flavonoids in chocolate with immune function. May risk regulation of immune function by means of drugs. Fortunately, chocolates and other foods safe and delicious, and can improve the immune system.

Chocolate reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. Found naturally in cocoa beans of cocoa butter can make chocolate has a unique smooth and melt in your mouth features. Studies have shown that stearic acid in cocoa butter can lower blood cholesterol levels. In addition, chocolate contains monounsaturated fatty acids oleic acid has antioxidant effects. Olive oil also contains the same material.

Protection of tooth-friendly chocolate. Scientists discovered that tannins in cocoa can reduce the formation of plaque and helps prevent dental caries. Milk chocolate is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals. These substances are good for tooth enamel. Chocolate is less likely to cause dental caries, this is because the chocolate in your mouth is cleared faster, thus reducing the time and tooth contact.

Reason 4: energy (Energy)

Chocolate is ideal for sports and holiday energy and nutritional supplements.

Sports nutrition research has shown that, prior to the campaign, chocolate added to the body's energy to make muscle and liver glycogen is at the full status, in order to improve performance. After exercise, chocolate can replenish energy consumption of people in motion, delay fatigue and physical recovery after exercise.

Chocolate also contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper and other minerals. They will promote the circulation of oxygen in the blood, in time for your added nutrients that are consumed in the sport.

Reason 5: care (Care)

Chocolate gift is the high quality of health, to care for someone you love.

Chocolate is a popular nutritious healthy foods. It is not only delicious, but are rich in minerals, may benefit your health care concerns. And when someone you love chocolates, just gave him your best wishes. Dove dark chocolate contains 44 grams carbohydrate 27.76 g, 1.85 grams of proteins, fat 13.2 g, 14.08 mg calcium, 58.08 mg phosphorus, magnesium 50.6 mg, potassium 160.60 mg, 4.84 mg of sodium, so chocolate can supplement every day for a variety of nutrients the body needs.

Reason 6: love (Love)

Love and love is the eternal topic. People pass chocolate is a feeling, a feeling, and enjoy heartfelt happiness happiness with family and friends.

Nutrient-rich, mellow taste of chocolate is welcomed by more and more friends and love. In the festive holiday days, visiting parents, Meeting old friends, gatherings of friends, a box of fine chocolates, will take you most sincere blessing to family and friends, tasting the sweet chocolate, one-story tells the romantic and moving emotional story. In the hearts of lovers of addicted to love, chocolate lovers hold hand once again. Chocolate day is happy sweetest day. Chocolate bring joy to the people who love life, health and happiness!

Reason 7: Joy (Joy) who made good chocolate is happy.

Numerous scientific studies show that chocolate brings good mood because of the phenethylamine in chocolate can help regulate mood. Chocolate also contains magnesium, magnesium has the effect of Anshen and antidepressants. 44 gram piece of Dove dark chocolate, about 50.6 mg magnesium content.

Chocolate sweet "temptation" with magical powers. In ancient Maya civilization, people convinced that God gives cocoa man, they believed the cacao bean fragrance refreshing and stimulates the lust of the flesh. Modern society has the same study reported that moderate consumption of chocolate can help more people enjoy the sweetness of "sex".

People love chocolate irresistible delicious, more people from the delicious chocolate experience the feeling to life. In many people's memories, the feeling of happiness just like delicious chocolate aftertaste, Cecil lingers. Some say chocolate is sweet, it is said that she is bitter, it is said that she was happy, she was accused of sharing. Chocolate brings the spirit of feeling has exceeded the value of as a kind of food. Is a gift of delicious, bring our emotions and health, love chocolate we have enough reason to believe when you taste the delicious chocolate will feel even more reason to love chocolate.

Seven days a week, "romance, youth, health, strength, care, love, and joy ..." every day we have a reason to love chocolate.

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