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Standard Method For Identification Of Cocoa Butter

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Cocoa butter is extracted from the cocoa bean fragments of the fat part, mainly saturated fat, has a special solidification properties, and chocolate's silky taste and aroma, usually the higher the content of cocoa butter, the better the taste of chocolate. But the link between the health of cocoa butter and chocolate is not that big, because most antioxidants are in the composition of fat.Cocoa Butter

In body, the more the raw material from cocoa beans (including cocoa, cocoa, cocoa and cocoa butter), the higher the content of polyphenols and potassium in the chocolate is beneficial to cardiovascular. It should be said that the higher the proportion of the product contains cocoa, the more it is worth buying. Unfortunately, there are very few products in the market with more than 60% cocoa content. Most of the products are too high in sugar, just called "Chocolate Sugar".Cocoa Butter

In general, if the pursuit of healthy chocolate, cocoa containing the original pulp is naturally higher the better. More than 70%, and did not add milk and other ingredients, chocolate color is more black. Some dark chocolate cocoa content can reach more than 85%, or even more than 95%. Higher is worth eating. Although the taste is bitter, but the flavor is strong, memorable. I can't stand it, you can have a little bit of nuts and fruit to eat together, than to buy a lot of candy added chocolate value.Cocoa Butter

When it comes to substituting cocoa butter, which is made from vegetable oils other than cocoa butter, a melting point and a taste similar to cocoa butter in hydrogenated or hydrogenated ways is much cheaper than cocoa butter, which is often used in slightly lower-cost chocolate.Cocoa Butter 

According to China's provisions, if the substitute for cocoa butter more than 5%, we should mark "substituting cocoa butter" a few words, in order to inform the public the truth. The cocoa butter contains a lot of highly saturated fats, and some of the hydrogenated methods made from cocoa butter may even contain trans fatty acids, which will not be good for the heart.Cocoa Butter

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