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Storage Of Cocoa Beans

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

            Cocoa beans also known as "Cocoa Son", the fruit of the evergreen trees of the sycamore tree, the flat seeds of the long oval nuts, the oily 53, the extracted cocoa butter has a unique aroma and melting properties, the introduction of such trees in China in 1922 may be welcomed by the gentle slopes formed by warm and moist and rich organic alluvial soils, which are unsuitable for growth in poor drainage and heavy clay or where typhoons are often affected.

            cocoa beans or seeds removed from pods are packed in boxes or stacked. The cocoa beans are wrapped in a layer of warm and fermented pulp. The fermentation lasted 3-9 days, removing the bitter taste of cocoa and producing raw materials with chocolate characteristics.Cocoa Bean

            Fermentation is the sugar content of cocoa beans into acid-mainly the simple process of lactic acid and acetic acid. The fermentation process causes the cocoa bean to rise to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, kills the bacteria, and activates the presence of enzymes that form a mixture of chocolate flavours when baked cocoa beans. The final result is a dark brown, fully fermented cocoa bean, which shows that the cocoa bean is ready to enter the drying process.Cocoa Bean

             Like all moisture-filled fruits, if you want to preserve the cocoa beans, you must dry them. In some countries, the drying process is simple: just place the cocoa beans on a platter or bamboo mat, and then bake them in the sun. When humid weather interferes with this drying method, artificial methods are applied. For example, cocoa beans may be brought indoors and dried under hot air.

             If there is good weather, the drying process usually takes several days. In this gap, farmers often flip cocoa beans. They used this opportunity to pick out the Sinotrans cocoa beans and pick out the flat, broken or budding cocoa beans. In dry, cocoa beans lose almost all of the water and more than half the weight. After the cocoa beans are dry, they are ready to be shipped at 130 to 200 pounds per bag. They are rarely deposited in warehouses unless they are waiting for the buyer to check the shipping center.Cocoa Bean

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