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The Distinction Between Cocoa Butter And Substitute Cocoa Butter

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: May 16, 2017

The distinction between cocoa butter and substitute cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is the natural fat in cocoa beans, which makes chocolate unique to the smoothness and the entrance to the characteristics. It represents chocolate "gold", and the cocoa butter and other non-cocoa butter, such as cocoa butter can be used in a series of artificial methods, modulation with natural cocoa butter, but the taste of close to natural cocoa butter.

In addition, on behalf of cocoa butter generally to achieve the taste of cocoa butter, texture and tissue state, generally using hydrogenated processes, and this hydrogenated vegetable oils contain a large number of trans fatty acids, and trans fatty acids can lead to coronary heart disease, intravenous sclerosis and other diseases, many foreign countries have begun to restrict the use of trans fatty acids.

Cocoa butter is a natural edible oil extracted from cocoa beans during the process of making chocolate and cocoa powder. It is only a faint chocolate flavor and aroma, which is one of the materials that make real chocolate. The candy, commonly called white chocolate, is made of it.

On behalf of cocoa butter, called CBS, is by the selection of brown kernel oil through high-tech cooling, separation and obtained the brown kernel hard grease, and then by special hydrogenation, refined. Hydrogenated fats are a kind of trans fatty acids. Trans fatty acids (TFAS) are vegetable oils in the process of warming, the addition of hydrogen formed.

Generally speaking cocoa butter concentration, the more delicious chocolate flavor, but pure cocoa butter is refined with cocoa fruit, expensive, at room temperature is not easy to save, so it will add some generations of cocoa butter to improve the degree of solidification, and reduce costs. Pure natural cocoa butter per ton price is more than more than 30,000 yuan, on behalf of cocoa butter only more than 7,000 yuan. So top chocolate is not added to cocoa butter.

Cocoa Butter The latest international study found that trans fatty acids (TFAS) may cause elevated cholesterol and have a potential impact on fetal weight and type II diabetes, even among the causes of Alzheimer's disease. Because trans fatty acids are latent and progressive, experts also call the cocoa chocolate as "chronic killer". The chocolate products made from cocoa butter are glossy and long-maintained. The entrance is no greasy. No surface frost is produced due to temperature difference.

Cocoa Butter The melting point of the natural cocoa butter is close to the body's temperature, so the grip in the hand, and put in the mouth will naturally melt, taste particularly good! To know the good or bad chocolate, the chocolate cover in the hand, if it is soon to soften is better, is to use a large amount of cocoa butter, only pure cocoa butter can make fragrant chocolate.

Cocoa butter, holding in the hand although you think it melts, but in fact it is only soft and soft, you can imagine the dough stir in the belly inside the situation ... It's similar. Cocoa butter, whether taste or fragrance, can not compare with cocoa butter. Some of the most difficult to eat the most inexpensive chocolate is all the use of cocoa butter

On behalf of the high content of cocoa fat cholesterol, itself also belongs to high-sugar high-calorie things, relatively easy to get fat, the damage to human health is relatively large. If you are afraid of fat, you can occasionally eat a few pure cocoa butter made of dark chocolate, is not fat, and can resist depression, strengthen metabolism, cardiovascular system no harm. (Don't eat milk chocolate, that will be fat)

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