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The Environment Of Raw Material Growth Of Cocoa Powder Drinks

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

    Cocoa, coffee, tea and called today's world's three non-alcoholic beverages, stimulating the excitement of cocoa, romantic rich coffee, natural and fresh tea aroma, different cultural backgrounds in the selection of beverages has a unique preference. Africa is the world's largest cocoa production area, and is sold to Western Europe and the United States. Developing countries accounted for 99.9% of the world's coffee cultivation area and 99.4% per cent of production, of which Latin America had the highest total cultivated area and yield. Consumption is concentrated in developed countries, with the United States, Western European countries and Japan as much. Asia is a world-renowned tea-producing region, Asian tea culture originated in China, is now the most developed in China and Japan.Cocoa Powder Drinks
   The origin of cocoa beans is mainly distributed in the equatorial south, latitude about 20 degrees north of the region. Because of the hot climate, rainy environment, is the most suitable for the growth of cocoa beans. Cacao trees need an annual average temperature of 18-28 Shan between, need high humidity, annual precipitation of not less than 1000 mm, elevation between 30-300 meters. A thick loam or light clay, especially a volcanic soil, and a soil formed from the destruction of granite, diorite, shale, and gneiss, which is rich in potash. Today, the main origin of cocoa beans are central and South America, West Africa and Southeast Asia and other three places. The main producing countries are Ghana, Brazil, Nigeria, Côte d ' Ivoire, Ecuador, Dominica and Malaysia. Cocoa beans have different flavors all over the place, some will bring some fruit incense, and some are smoked flavor.Cocoa Powder Drinks
   The genus of madder coffee. Perennial evergreen shrubs or small trees. One of the world's three largest beverages (coffee, tea, cocoa). China is produced in Hainan Island and Yunnan. The fruit is a bright red coffee bean, after baking the fine namely is the coffee powder, is a kind of good drink. It contains a large number of caffeine, protein, and so on, the taste of aromatic, exciting nerves, dispel fatigue, can be used as anesthetics, stimulants, diuretics and cardiac stimulant, also can help digestion, promote metabolism.Cocoa Powder Drinks

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