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The Morphology And Development Of Cocoa Bean

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Flowers: "old stem flower", flowers directly on the trunk or main branches, about 1.8 cm in diameter; calyx pink, smell. 5 stamens 5, the lower part of the recessed into a helmet-shaped, the upper spoon outward rewinding; stamen filaments base formation into a tube, degenerate stamens 5, linear, stamen 1 to 3 pieces into a group, and degenerate stamens alternate The

Seeds: cocoa beans; a fruit with 30-50 seeds, each seed with white gum outside, can be removed by fermentation. Seeds ovate,Cocoa Bean 2.5 cm long. The shape of cocoa beans: cocoa fruit was oval, ranging in length, seeds buried in colloidal pulp, usually 30 to 40 tablets, oval or oval, length 1.8 ~ 2.6cm, diameter 1 ~ 1.5cm, each grain Seeds are attached to the white gum, and the gums on the seed surface can be removed by fermentation. Each seed or cocoa beans includes swept cotyledons and embryos, surrounded by seed coat. Cotyledons color from white to dark purple, different varieties of cotyledons different colors.Cocoa Bean

Cocoa from South America to Europe, Asia and Africa, the process is twists and turns and long. Before the 16th century cocoa had not been known outside the Amazon plain, when it was not a raw material for cocoa drinks. Because the seeds are very rare and precious, so the locals to cocoa seeds (cocoa beans) as a currency, called "cocoa call power."Cocoa Bean

The first half of the 16th century, cocoa through the Sino-American isthmus spread to Mexico, and then passed the Inca empire in this southern Brazilian territory, and soon loved by the locals. They collected the wild cocoa, mashed the seeds, and processed them into a drink called "Chocolate Delicate" (meaning "bitter"). In the middle of the 16th century, Europeans came to the Americas and found cocoa and realized that it was a valuable cash crop that developed cocoa drinks and chocolates on the basis of "cleansing".Cocoa Bean

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