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The Origin Of Cocoa Beans

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

    Cocoa beans also known as "cocoa child". Indus Branch evergreen tree The fruit of the cocoa tree, the flat seed of the long oval nut, the oil is 53% ~ 58%. Squeezed cocoa butter has a unique flavor and melting properties. Is the product of the cocoa tree. China began to introduce such trees in 1922. Cocoa is born in warm and humid climate and organic matter formed alluvial soil formed on the gentle slope, in the poor drainage and heavy clay or often affected by the typhoon is not suitable for the growth of the place.Cocoa Bean

   Trunk: up to 12 meters high, trees, branches wide, branchlets brownish pubescent. The trunk is solid and the crown is lush.Cocoa Bean

   Leaves: alternate, oval, leathery, long 20 to 30 cm, veins slightly stellate hairy.

   Flowers: "old stem flower", flowers directly on the trunk or main branches, about 1.8 cm in diameter; calyx pink, smell. 5 stamens 5, the lower part of the recessed into a helmet-shaped, the upper spoon-shaped outward rewinding; stamen filament base into a tube-like, degenerate stamens 5, linear, stamen 1 to 3 into a group, and degraded stamens alternate The

   Seeds: that is cocoa beans; a fruit within 30-50 seeds, each seed with white glue outside, can be removed by fermentation. Seeds ovate, 2.5 cm long.

Cocoa fruit was oval, ranging in length, seeds buried in the gum pulp, usually 30 to 40 tablets, oval or oval, length 1.8 ~ 2.6cm, diameter 1 ~ 1.5cm, each seed with white glue The gums on the surface of the seed can be removed by fermentation. Each seed or cocoa beans includes swept cotyledons and embryos, surrounded by seed coat. Cotyledons color from white to dark purple, different varieties of cotyledons different colors.

Cocoa beans are larger than coffee beans, thinner than coffee beans, the middle of the dent than the shallow coffee beans, dent was wave.Cocoa Bean

   The content of cocoa beans (raw beans) was 5.58%, 50.29% of fat, 14.19% of nitrogen, 1.55% of the non-nitrogen, 13.71% of other non-nitrogen, 8.77% of starch and 4.93% of crude fiber. The ash contained 40.4% Potassium 31.28%, magnesia 16.22%. Cocoa beans also contain caffeine and other nerve center excitement and tannins, tannins and chocolate color, smell, taste a great relationship. Cocoa butter melting point close to the human body temperature, with the entrance that is the characteristics of the room temperature to maintain a certain hardness, and has a unique cocoa flavor, a higher nutritional value, not easy to oxidation, is the main raw material for making chocolate.Cocoa Bean

Cocoa cake can be made cocoa powder, cocoa powder rich in carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamin B.

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