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The Picking Of Cocoa Beans

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2017

            After pruning and careful cultivation, most types of cacao trees will begin to result in the fifth year. If the best care is given, some trees have good harvests even in the third and fourth years. The cacao tree results (or pods) all year round, while harvesting is usually seasonal. Since cacao trees are free to cross pollination, pods form various species, including Latin American, exotic and Tlinidad species.

            Picking ripe cocoa pods is no easy task. The cocoa tree was fragile and very shallow, and workers could not risk climbing up to pick up the pods on the high branch. Growers are equipped with long, hand-shaped knives for the pickers who work in the fields. Steel knives are designed to reach and cut the highest pods without hurting the soft bark of the cacao tree. The large machete is used to pick up the Shing pods that grow on the lower branches.Cocoa Bean

            The collector works together with the pickers, collects the pods into the basket and transports them to the edge of the field. Where the pods are broken. If the method is appropriate, the wooden shell of the pod can be split by waving a machete of one or two. A trained breaker can split 500 of pods per hour.Cocoa Bean

            It takes patience to finish the harvest. 20 to 50 milky cocoa beans are usually dug from a standard pod, and then the shell and inner membrane of the pod are discarded. A common pod of dried cocoa beans less than 58 grams of weight, the exact production of 1 pounds of chocolate requires 400 of cocoa beans.Cocoa Bean

            There is a big difference between the cocoa beans and the final product we are familiar with. Milky cocoa beans are exposed to the air and soon become lavender or purple. At this point, they do not look like chocolate, and smell no familiar chocolate aroma.Cocoa Bean

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