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The Planting Environment Of Cocoa Bean

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2017

       Cocoa beans are the product of cocoa trees, with cocoa beans can be ground to eat cocoa powder. 1922 began in Taiwan, China, Jiayi, Kaohsiung and other places introduced species. Mainland China is now the main plantation in Hainan. The cacao tree, which is born on a gentle slope formed by a hot, moist atmosphere and rich organic alluvial soil, is unsuitable for growth in poor drainage and heavy clay or in places often affected by typhoons. In this way, its planting is suitable for the equatorial north and South 20 latitude between the land.Cocoa Bean
       Assuming fertile soil conditions and careful farming, cocoa trees can grow in sufficient sunlight once they survive. Cocoa plantations (artificially planted cacao trees) are usually located in valleys or coastal plains and must have evenly distributed rainfall and fertile, drained land.Cocoa Bean
       The cacao tree is a evergreen tree that has a large glossy leaf that is red in its infancy and becomes green after maturity. At maturity, the artificially planted cacao trees are 15 to 25 feet high, but the wild cacao trees are up to 60 feet high. The life expectancy of the cacao tree is still in the speculation. It is generally believed that 25 years later, the economic role of a cacao tree may be considered to be at an end, when it is appropriate to replant young cocoa trees to replace it. After pruning and careful cultivation, most types of cacao trees will begin to result in the fifth year.Cocoa Bean
       If the best care is given, some trees have good harvests even in the third and fourth years. The cacao tree results (or pods) all year round, while harvesting is usually seasonal. Since cacao trees are free to cross pollination, pods form various species, including Latin American, exotic and Tlinidad species.Cocoa Bean
      Growers are equipped with long, hand-shaped knives for the pickers who work in the fields. Steel knives are designed to reach and cut the highest pods without hurting the soft bark of the cacao tree. The large machete is used to pick up the Shing pods that grow on the lower branches. Cocoa Bean
      The collector works together with the pickers, collects the pods into the basket and transports them to the edge of the field. Where the pods are broken. If the method is appropriate, the wooden shell of the pod can be split by waving a machete of one or two. A trained breaker can split 500 of pods per hour.Cocoa Bean

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