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The Role Of Cocoa Butter

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

               Cocoa butter is a natural edible oil extracted from cocoa beans during the process of making chocolate and cocoa powder. It is only a hint of chocolate flavor and aroma, is to make real chocolate one of the materials. Candy, commonly known as white chocolate, is made from it alone. The cocoa butter melting point is about 34-38 degrees Celsius, so the chocolate is solid at room temperature and quickly melts in the mouth. Cocoa butter is a natural fat, is the measure of the purity of chocolate.

              Cocoa butter also known as Cocoa white off, is extracted from the cocoa liquid yellow hard natural vegetable oil, is a nut-like grease, the price is more expensive, chocolate, if a high proportion of cocoa butter will make its taste smoother mouth, is to consider the quality of chocolate one of the indicators.Cocoa Butter

               1, cocoa butter contains rich polyphenols, antioxidant function, can protect the human body against a series of diseases, reduce the impact of aging. Therefore, the content of cocoa butter is also known as the gold of chocolate. Natural cocoa butter High content of pure chocolate, fragrance pure, full-bodied, soft and slippery entrance.Cocoa Butter

               2, because of its lubricating texture and sweet smell, it is a lot of cosmetics and skincare products such as soap and shower gel used raw materials. It also has lubricants for use in the anus.Cocoa Butter

               3. The Swedish researchers surveyed more than 37,000 men for 10 years and found that the risk of stroke was significantly lower in people who ate more chocolate, "The average weekly diet." 9g chocolate, stroke risk reduced by 17%.

Germany, Sweden and other countries have "Chocolate prevention stroke" research. The researchers found that eating moderate amounts of chocolate could actually reduce the risk of stroke. Because dark chocolate contains antioxidant flavonoids, it helps prevent blood vessels from hardening, increases heart muscle activity, relaxes muscles, and is good for cardiovascular disease. Experts recommend eating more dark chocolate with high cocoa butter.Cocoa Butter

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