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The Role Of Cocoa Powder

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

    Cocoa powder is also cocoa beans directly processed processing of the cocoa products, from the cocoa liquid block by pressing part of the cocoa butter can be obtained after the cocoa cake, the cocoa cake crushed by the screening of the brown powder is cocoa powder. Cocoa powder according to its fat content is divided into high, medium and low fat cocoa powder; according to different processing methods are divided into natural powder and alkaline powder. A variety of cocoa powder, color from light brown to dark red. Cocoa powder has a strong cocoa aroma, used directly for the production of chocolate and beverages.Cocoa Powder

    The production of chocolate cake must be the material, is not added to other materials, pure cocoa powder, generally sold in the supermarket is already added sugar and milk powder drinks, and not used to do chocolate cake when the general plus 30 grams of cocoa powder in a Commonly used for two pounds of cake, because the cocoa powder is acidic, a large number of use will make the cake with sour, so you can use a small amount of soda powder as neutralizer to neutralize its acidity, but also make the chocolate cake color deepened.Cocoa Powder

    Cocoa block, also known as cocoa powder or cocoa. The composition is 57.90% carbohydrate, 19.60% protein, 13.70% fat, 3.00% water, 2.05% of theobromine, 1.52% potassium, and 0.23% caffeine. The cocoa beans (commonly known as cocoa cake) obtained from the cocoa beans (seeds) taken from the beans (fruit) of the cocoa tree, the fermented, crushed, peeled and the like, and the powder Material, that is cocoa powder. Used for coffee and chocolate, the production of beverages, chocolate cake is also an important production ingredients.

    Cocoa powder is the charm of chocolate. Researchers have found that chocolate-rich cocoa powder can reduce the impact of high cholesterol on the arteries. They studied low-fat cocoa powder extracts, rather than ordinary high-fat chocolate chocolates or chocolate hot drinks. There is a discovery that the cocoa powder extract contains a bioactive substance that protects the rabbit's arteries from cholesterol.Cocoa Powder

    Scientists have explained that this cocoa powder extract is a source of antioxidant flavonoids that prevents cholesterol from causing chemical processes of arterial disease. Such compounds can be found in vegetables, fruits and tea. To confirm this, they did a series of experiments to examine the effect of cocoa powder extract on rabbit aorta. The normal aorta has sufficient diastolic ability to ensure normal blood flow and blood pressure. Cholesterol damage to the arteries limits this diastolic function, leading to elevated blood pressure.

    In the experiment, they were given high cholesterol and low cholesterol diet fed two groups of rabbits, their aortic tissue and cocoa powder extract direct contact, the results of both groups were found in aortic relaxation. This reaction is the same as that of fruits, vegetables and tea.Cocoa Powder

    There is a big difference between low-fat cocoa powder extract and high-fat chocolate and chocolate hot drinks. He pointed out that in the production of chocolate, most of these substances have been cleared, and shops selling chocolate in 40% -45% of the calories from fat.

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