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The Symbol Of Love

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Mar 15, 2017

Dove chocolate is born because of love.

In the spring of 1919, the princess Charlotte Luxembourg Royal welcomed the throne while she married the Phillips prince's family of Bourbon. As a royal Houchu Leon busy kitchen help bad, clean dishes and plates all day, broke up a lot of hands preceded when he scrub the wound with salt, a girl came over and said: that would hurt you? This girl is the influence of Leon's life is Princess of BAZAAR.

The two young men meet here. Nobody likes a good BAZAAR Leon meet. Prince Felix because the BAZAAR only distant relatives, so the king's room, a low status, rare food - ice cream, also Lunbu her taste. When Leon slipped into the night kitchen, made ice cream for BAZAAR, two people always talked about the past ice cream, BAZAAR Leon also taught English. The sweetness of the first love is wandering in the hearts of two young people. However, in the conservative era, the distinction between noble and humble, because of the special status and circumstances, no one said that they love the heart,

Silent feeling buried in my heart.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, in order to strengthen Luxembourg's position in Europe, Luxembourg and Belgium allied, in order to consolidate the relationship between the two countries, royal marriage is the best way, and people

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