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Western Africa Cocoa Bean

Wuxi Huadong Cocoa Food Co., Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

Fold growth habit

Cocoa's origin is mainly distributed in the Equatorial South block up to about 20 degrees north latitude. Because the climate is hot and rainy environment, growth environment is best suited to cocoa. Cocoa beans in all different flavors, some will bring some fruit, some are smoked flavor. Today's cocoa beans the main producing areas are mainly in Central and South America, West Africa and Southeast Asia, the three places.

Cocoa butter is a product of the cacao tree, by grinding cocoa beans into cocoa consumption. 1922 in China Taiwan, Chiayi, Kaohsiung and introduction. City, is the main plant in Hainan, China. Cocoa tree was born in the hot, humid climate and on gentle slopes formed by alluvial soil rich in organic matter, poor drainage and heavy clay or where the onslaught of a typhoon is not suitable. In this way, it is suitable for the planting of land 20 between latitudes north and South of the equator. Suppose you have fertile soil and careful farming, once the cocoa trees can grow up in a full sun. Cocoa plantations (planted under trees), usually located in valleys or coastal plains, there must be a uniform distribution of rainfall and fertile, unobstructed drainage of the land.

Fold climate impact

According to the International Cocoa Organization in London statistician laolun·pipituo NE (Laurent Pipitone) said, mainly due to the global economic recession of the cocoa beans used in chocolate production to market demand, production of cocoa beans has been gradually declining. In addition, from July 2006 to February 2007, the El Niño phenomenon has made Indonesia's cocoa production has fallen by 2.7%, by 15000 tonnes only 545000 tonnes.

According to the International Cocoa Organization report released on May 21, is expected this year in September, 2008 to 2009 Indonesia export production season 485000 tons of cocoa beans, Ecuador 112000 tonnes of production. Ailike·siweili, head of cocoa beans trader at Fortis Bank (Eric Sivry) said: "this year the possibility of the El Niño phenomenon has been confirmed, I think cocoa output will fall. "

Fold cocoa tree life

Cocoa trees are Evergreen, its large smooth leaves are red at a young age, mature and then turns green. At maturity, planted trees 15 to 25 feet high, but wild cacao tree height can be up to 60 feet or more. Life expectancy of the cocoa tree is still speculation. Generally believed that 25 years later, a cocoa tree's economic effect may be considered to end, and it is suitable for replanting young trees to replace it.

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